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The research group TRAMA, standing for Translation and Communication in Audiovisual Media, was born in the Translation and Communication Department at Universitat Jaume I around 2004. This group arose from the need of coordination between professors and researchers that was required in the new field of audiovisual translation. From that moment, new members have joined the research group, and others have left, owing to the inevitable progression of the university professors’ professional career.

TRAMA is normally integrated by a dozen of active professors and researchers. They take responsibility for the teaching of audiovisual translation, for – mainly descriptive, but also applied – research in this field, and for the uses of audiovisual translation in foreign language learning.

Our research group has got a distribution list in which news about our field are regularly sent. It has also got another distribution list for all our PhD students, an e-mail address for contacting and sending requests, an archive containing audiovisual texts of all genders and their scripts – with research purposes –, as well as a book collection on audiovisual translation opened to any new proposals made by researchers, and a file containing most PhD Research Thesis on audiovisual translation defended until 2016. Added to that, TRAMA organizes the Audiovisual Translation Week every year, that is, a conference on the latest advances in our field aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students.

TRAMA also provides advice services for companies in the sector, scientific studies for TV channels, distributors and online distribution platforms, as well as research contracts signed with companies. In the same manner, the research group has developed various research works during the last years, having obtained funds from open competition of various state and regional bodies.

The UJI Translation and Interpreting Degree was the first one to integrate the field of audiovisual translation into its university curriculum. Our graduate students have entered the labor market since 1998. As a matter of fact, many of our graduate students hold major posts in outstanding companies of the sector, in public, private, national and international universities, or they work as freelancers and enjoy great reputation in the labor market.

Our field of work mainly consists in teaching and research on the big audiovisual translation modes: dubbing, voice-over, commercial subtitling, subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, audio description for the blind and visually impaired, and video game localization. We also do research on surtitling for opera and the theatre and on the role of audiovisual translation in language teaching and learning.

The research group TRAMA, standing for Translation and Communication in Audiovisual Media, was born with the objective of uniting efforts between professors and professionals in the sector so as to move forward together in improving teaching and research on audiovisual translation, and this webpage is an important step in this direction. We wanted this to be a portal containing important and updated information about the audiovisual sphere, as well as its teaching, research and professional dimensions, and we wanted to achieve everyone’s collaboration. This is why we invite you to explore it and make us arrive your comments. Should you want us to spread your work, you just need to contact us.

Welcome to you all.

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