Research History

TRAMA offers a vibrant atmosphere for research into audiovisual translation. The main areas covered include:

  • Audiovisual translation history
  • Audiovisual translation technology
  • Dubbing & Voice-Over
  • Subtitling Subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing
  • Audio Description
  • Video game Localization
  • Surtitling and theatre/opera translation
  • Translation for Children (written and audiovisual)
  • AVT as a tool for language learning

Research Lines & Culture

All our academic members hold PhD degrees and are all active as researchers. We currently have around 15 PhD students.

Hosted in a vibrant postgraduate environment, we promote an active research culture in a variety of ways, running public lectures, seminars and conferences on all aspects of translation, inviting guest speakers from Spain and abroad, organising specialised research seminars for staff and graduate students, holding workshops and conferences, and engaging in impact events that showcase our research expertise.

TRAMA promotes excellence in research into audiovisual translation. The ever-increasing audiovisual and virtual social contact between languages, societies and cultures raises new issues and questions about the shaping of new trends and identities.

Descriptive Translation Studies are the focal point of our group, and constitute the first step in our research. Once a descriptive study is carried about in the first place, we delve into cultural issues, didactic contributions, applied and experimental research and theoretical concepts.

TRAMA is involved in several research projects, including descriptive studies on professional dubbing and subtitling in Spain, accessibility to the media, accessible filmmaking, multilingual cinema, translation for children, language learning via audiovisual translation, multilingual information management, and cultural approaches to audiovisual translation, among others.

Visiting researchers

We welcome self-funding visiting researchers for periods from a week up to a year. Access to our university library and to computer facilities are always arranged. For more information contact the Director of the group, Prof. Frederic Chaume.

Previous visiting scholars include Professor Jorge Díaz Cintas (University College London), Dr David Le Roux (Université Rennes 2), Dr Vincenza Minutella (Università di Torino), Prof. Anna Vermeulen (Universiteit Gent), Dr Laura Cruz (Universidad de Las Palmas)...

Every year we also welcome a number of visiting PhD students who want to spend a period of research at our group.


TRAMA staff have published their research in monographs and as contributions to edited books and peer-reviewed journals. Some of their work is classed among standard references in the field. See the individual staff pages for details.









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